5 Best Products For Blonde Hair + Extensions

It's taken me 5 years to become blonde. Best 5 years of my life - hands down. I say that about every year, but I am a gratitude junkie! I'm not sure if blondes have more fun, but they definitely have more products to keep their locks shiny, strong and soft. With the help, guidance and expertise of my amazing colour specialists at White Haus Hair & Beauty: We made it! And we maintain it!

Check out my 5 year hair transformation here:

Amazing work ey!


My Hair 101:

So, here's my hair lowdown

Natural: Fine and Oily

Extensions: AAAAA Grade Remy double drawn 180g Lottie Locks extensions on 2 braided wefts (you can buy the hair here:)

Colour: I have full head foils and I tend to stick to a beige toner so it's not too ashy and not too warm. White Haus exclusively use L'Oreal so everything you see is derived from their products (HUGE fan - I love their mineral make up too fyi).

Cost: Go cheap, pay twice I say. My hair extensions were a solid investment, however they are durable and last up to 2 years (if not longer) the key is maintenance and pampering them! I use key products to ensure my hair stays luscious and lovely, here's how I do it - with the help of the experts at White Haus.

1. Dry Shampoo

My natural hair so very fine and oily: I lit buy a Batiste a day - dry shampoo is my life! Having extensions is not as low maintenance as I once thought: shampooing everyday is just not convenient and time consuming. In the perfect world, I'd be getting a curly blow everyday, but in reality, I aim for 1 per week; a spritz of the white stuff on the roots and hey presto - we're ready to go! Low maintenance is what you make it!

2. Lottie Locks Brush

Lottie Locks brushes changed my life! Swear. They are created specifically for extension hair and have transformed the dreaded 'ragging the brush through my hair' post shower situation.

The Lottie Locks brush has soft nylon bristles that glide through your roots without pulling on the extensions and the shorter bristles distribute natural hair oils from the root down to the tip to prevent dry, frizzy ends - absolute win win! Even better, the large vents at the back of the brush allow air to flow through the hair evenly when drying. This reduces any heat damage, halving your blow dry time. Perfect for the girl on the go. You can grab your own Lottie Locks brush on their Instagram.

3. Blondifier

I've only just recently discovered Blondifier masque by L'Oreal, I usually slap on the old conditioner but it wasn't cutting the mustard (or making my hair sleek enough) so the fab guys over at White Haus recommended this pot of magique! And where blonde hair is concerned, Blondifier packs a punch! Utilising the power of the Açai berry, it leaves blond hair replenished, revitalised and radiant - everything blonde hair need and craves. It's the Ben and Jerry's of the hair masque world for blondes. L'Oreal's Blondifier is only available in salons, head to White Haus if you're local to Liverpool, or you can find your nearest stockist here.

4. 10 in 1

So now you've absolutely pampered your hair pretty with a masque, there's no point in undoing all that hard work and blasting the heat on it: so protect with this absolute top shelf hair care essential: the best friend you've always needed: 10 in 1. It does what it says on the tin: 10 things in 1 spray! YAY! Brace yourself for the ultimate list of ailments this tonic cures:

  • protects hair colour radiance

  • adds shine

  • ensures your hair is soft

  • hair consistency improved

  • heat protection up to 230 degrees

  • detangles

  • helps blow-dry

  • anti-breakage

  • reduces the appearance of split ends

  • stops frizziness

If you need a multipurpose, magical, low maintenance product - this stuff is where it's at! Say bye to your Tangle Teaser (no don't, cos we love that too!). L'Oreal's 10 in 1 is only available in salons, head to White Haus if you're local to Liverpool, or you can find your nearest stockist here.

5. Smart bond

If you have any kind of colour work done on your hair, then Smart Bond is an essential addition to your colouring service. This stuff is the shit. Sorry for swearing, but it is. I cannot imagine having a full head of foils without it. In L'Oreal's own words:

"Smart Bond protects your hair while colouring. Add Smartbond for softer, stronger, shinier hair. Smartbond is our new generation bond strengthening system that has been specifically formulated to work in synergy with our pre-lightener and colour products. It is a two-step process which allows the colourist to protect the hair & prevent damage during a technical service"

Smart Bond is L'Oreal's innovation and technology over 100 years put to the test and creating the most amazing results: it is essential if you want your hair to always be:

  • Stronger

  • Softer

  • Shinier

I have mine added at every colour appointment at White Haus - find out your local Smart Bond stockist here.

All of this ensures my hair, the investment and the 5 years of getting it perfect, is worth it and maintains it. So, ditch the box dye, get ya self some stennies and add that Smart Bond!

If you are interested in the best hair extensions everrrrr: you can buy them here:

Lottie Locks Extensions.

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