A Weekend In Wales (with a Hot Tub!)

Your two best mates. A hot tub. The Welsh mountains. Name a more iconic trio!? My gorgeous, fabulous friends Mark and Steph went all out this year and whipped me away to Wales for a belated 30th Birthday bash and it was utter bliss. It was January, it was wet and miserable: but we were living our best lives drinking Veuve in a hot tub - life goals right there.

Our beautiful little cottage for the weekend was utterly picturesque, with the rolling Welsh mountains in the distance and a fabulous welcome pack on arrival.

Not that we needed it - with a two day feast planned, it was bikini season in the rain so obviously all the carbs were cracked out for fajita night!

Just look at these two gorgeous chefs in action - compulsory glasses of fizz and all the fun to be had!

Who wants the grand tour while the food's cooking!? Check out this mini picturesque palace!

After a carefree evening of food, fizz, fun and hot tubs, we cracked open a roaring log fire and basked in our own laziness.

Followed by a decent Welsh walk the following morning. In the rain. With no waterproofs - standard behaviour!

Here're a taste of the sites and scenery:

Nothing like open lakes and rolling hills to clear the mind and soothe the soul. And obviously, marvellous company to keep! I bloody love these two! How cute (wet) do we all look in our non-waterproof gear!

A marvellous weekend was had by all, and now we just need to plan Steph's big 3-0! All ideas welcome!

Thanks for being the bestest friends ever you guys! Cheers!

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