Msc in Digital Marketing at LJMU

In the famous words of Elle Wood: "We did it!". And what a year 2018 was! I absolutely, unequivocally smashed my Masters in (all whilst working in Marketing and running local businesses' social media accounts). I have never been prouder of myself. If you're considering doing your masters, my advice? Do. It. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I mean, I didn't go to freshers, but I made some great friends, specialised in my niche (Digital Marketing) and earned the most expensive piece of paper ever. Goals.

This blog post is literally a celebration piece, if you wanna know the nitty gritty, here's the whirlwind version:

1. I read Combined honours in English, Philosophy & Classics at University of Liverpool back in 2007 - I was more interested in socialising by the 3rd year so I under achieved a 2:2 (this was personally to me an under achievement - you get what you put in don't you!)

2. Did a stint in PR after graduation - hated it.

3. Ended up in events as a wedding coordinator - loved it. Was paid £6 p/h (wtf)

4. Started Can't Buy You Style because I always got asked where my lippy was from (it was always some thrift bargain that I paid a quid for!)

5. Went into hospitality because the money was good and the social life was great - moved to hostess / events positions whilst managing a few social media accounts for local businesses

6. Had a breakdown because I was NOT living up to my potential

7. One night, whipped up an application for LJMU collating ALL my experience from the years of design, blogging, events.

8. Got accepted within 24 hours.

9. Fast forward 2 years from that breakdown and I now run my own Digital Marketing business Beauty of Business empowering women in business to create their dream business online! Goals!

So yeah, I'm super proud of myself, I've found my passion and purpose and this year, drawing on all my experience, theory and knowledge in the most amazing and progressive industry I'm about to slayyyy queens!

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