Slimming World: Week 1

WEEK ONE SLIMMING WORLD: So, it happened. I reached 30, can no longer lose weigh by not eating for 2 days and everything that touches my lips seems to stick like glue. Not that I'd ever promote not eating - I love it! Food is my absolute fave thing ever! The past 2 years I have tried a range of different diets, exercise regimes and nothing has been sustainable, healthy nor has it been a lifestyle change or commitment on my part. Gone are the days of the quick fix. So spying so many of my facebook friends, acquaintances and general Instagram SW lives - the penny dropped. It was time. Slimming World was calling me.

My first meeting I went with an open mind and heart. It's been about 5 years since I last joined Slimming World - all great things evolve over time so I listened, learned and took onboard everything the journey offers as a complete novice and beginner.

This is absolutely a lifestyle change, throw into the mix that I've been vegetarian since January now, I took this challenge on and I've loved every second. I am cooking again, retraining my palette - eating carbs! It's amazing. The premise of the diet is eating loads of free speed foods (water dense veggies) at least half of every meal should be predominately speed; free foods including protein, pasta, rice etc.; you're given two other categories: 2 x Healthy Extra A (dairy) & Healthy Extra B (wheat). After that, everything else you eat has a Syn value: so 5-15 a day is the allocation - use them or save them! Brilliant. I weigh in on a Saturday morning at 8am so it's the perfect 'cheat day'. The plan is: prep your food, make sure you have accessible healthy free snacks to hand to satiate, take away temptation, treat yourself when you need to. Given that Saturday is my weigh in, that's the day I go slack and enjoy some of my tasty Syns then ration the rest for the week. So far, so good!

Week 1 Results: My first weigh in, I lost 2lb! I was over the moon. I've 21 weeks until I'm a guest at a wedding and I have so many fabulous dresses that need a day out, so my aim is 2lb a week sustainable to get me to my target weight for the big day!

I played week 1 safely, stood to basic bitch foods and really took care of what I was doing on plan to get into the swing of it. I love a cheeky omelette so Slimming World mini egg muffins are my go to for a quick, easy to prep breakfast - especially for the girl on the go.

This is what I do:



6 Eggs

Yorkshire pudding tray

Whatever veggies you want


Cut your veggies and dish them out into each tin

Whisk your eggs and distribute evenly

Pop in the over 150 for 10-12 mins until cooked through

Do the knife test to check (no one likes snotty egg!)

Easy on the go brekkie sorted! With one or two left over for a snack - yum!

Lunch-wise, back to the good old jacket potato, LOADS of salad and I make Quorn chicken and sweetcorn mixed with a teaspoon of Hellmann's Vegan Mayo (I'm slowly but surely going plant based - every little helps!)

Teatime, I'm more adventurous. Depending on my mood and how tired I am! Friday used to be takeaway night, now it's Quorn chicken nugget (1/2 Syn each! And I swear they taste like Maccies) and Slimming World chip night-yay! I've also managed to perfect the Slimming World Calzone which is free if you use a HEA and HEB:



Weight Watches Wrap

Quron Chicken pieces



20g Vegan Cheese

1 Egg


Spread your passata on half of the wrap

Add all chicken, sweetcorn and cheese on one half

Whisk 1 egg and brush around the edges

Fold and brush the rest of the wrap with egg

Bake for 10-15 mins on 150


So after a week of fabulous food, I lost 2lb and was geared up for another fabulous week 2. Stick with me, and we're going to have the most fabulous weightless journey ever!

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