Travel: Mexico with TUI Sensimar El Dorado Seaside Suites & Spa

I've had such a busy back end of 2018 leading into 2019, I've done what I always do: neglect the blog. I also managed to leave my phone in a cab and lost ALOT of my photos, which I've now learned to back TF up! iCloud has become my new fave thing and we're good buddies now - I recently updated my iPhone crap 6 to the iPhone XS Max (total dream) and the swap over was effortless. So glad I've returned back to the Apple-side. I've been so bitterly melancholic about losing my 30th Birthday photos in Mexico, I'd put off doing a post about the most AMAZING 14 days in paradise I've ever had with my gorge fella Liam (who broke his little back to pay for the extravagance that ensued) then I realties - MOBILE UPLOAD ALBUM -hello backed up photos! It's not the full collection, but enough to do a gorge #TB post to reminisce on sun, sea and tequila.

The most lethal Pina colada you'll ever drink - I lose dayssss

Cue my 30th, we spent 12 heavenly nights at the TUI El Dorado Seaside and Spa suites and it was absolute gluttony and sloth. In fact, we probably covered all the deadly sins whilst we were there. 5* all inclusive sounds amazing (it is) but by day 4, pouring out of my 'kini, I put my self on a diet - imagine, going on a diet mid holiday because there was that much nice food and drink!

This was a Grand Pina - pineapple, pineapple foam, tequila - MAGIC!

There were ample cocktail bars and gourmet restaurants on the resort - the Mezcal bar was by far our fave spot - this Grand Pina was how I started most days - rotten.

The most fabulous, boozy cocktail in El Dorado Seaside Suites & Spa, Mexico

Paradise in Mexico

My actual birthday, I decided I wanted to see the sunrise, so up we got at 5.30am Mexico O'Clock. And it was so bloody overcast! Undeterred, we set up a Bali bed (pretty much in a hurricane - team work prevails!) and I was pretty pleased with my view:

What are thooooose?!

It was match day, so Liam left me with my book (I was reading 'The Book of Dust - Philip Pullaman); the view and the beautiful sea wind, spending my 30th in all my element getting absolutely drenched from the elements - cue the tropical shower! It was BLISS! After Liam returned from his football patriotism, we hit one of the beach bars, we celebrated with some (all) the tequila. I was in bed by 9.30pm and room service came twice (tipsy hunger took over). Slept through both occasion and woke up at 1am to this:

El Dorado Seaside Suite & Spa Mexico - Happy Birthday Cake!

I ate it for breakfast (told you I needed to mid-holiday diet!). I can't find any food photos apart from this one - but trust me, it was incredible food! But not as incredible as the views ...

And in my true travel essence, and soul philosophy: "going where my feet take me" a load of shoe selfies ....

I did everything that I usually wouldn't which is chill TF out! Here I am in all my 30 years of glory wearing a bright yellow cozzy - 'cos I can!

Enjoying ALL the drinks ...

In absolute bliss and paradise ...

Yeah, pretty much the holiday of a life time. I'm getting super nostalgic because it's so bloody British and cold right now - March, where you at bae!? Let's look at some more gorgeous photos and imagine we're all shrouded in palms from the sun ....

I was super rubbish at taking my #OOTD pics, I think I dropped an engagement ring price tag on 's clothing pre-holiday. Here's some of my best (only) holiday looks ...

Yep - I was probably too smashed on tequila to think about this future blog post, however it's inspired me to be more planned about my next travel blog trip!

So it's CHEERS to Mexico and TUI's amazing 5* resort El Dorado Seaside & Spa - I don't have my pictures of the moonlit massage and Prosecco we had - it'll just have to be a memory ...

....and until my next exotic adventure, there will always be wanderlust in my heart.

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