I've ran behind this week, but ever the determinist, I'm cracking on with my posts. Just because they're late doesn't mean I've failed - haha! So I tell myself. Showing up is super important, so here I am showing up at midnight to play 'catch up'. This week I have some fab content to play with and to inspire you all this so here's what's on the agenda.

1. Off to See Amelie @ The Playhouse

My birthday treat to myself is to see Amelie! It's been on my top 5 fave films of all time since I was 15, and it's not budging anytime soon. I need to pick up raspberries this week to create my homage post - if you know, you know!

2. Sundays @ Il Forno

I recently had the pleasure of being invite to Ilforno for a fabulous Sunday roast, so I owe you all a fabulous write up about my new favourite roast in Liverpool, because, no word of a lie it is incredible. I can still taste that red wine gravy. Mmmm. You can watch my experience here.

3. Home made Pumpkin Spice Lattes

You've read all about my first Pumpkin spice Latte experience haven't you? Well now it's time to create my own! I''m doing a Sunday pyjama party / social media chat with Ashton - who runs the incredible Sparkle Exclusive Networking group - and we're gonna get all autumnal with our homemade recipe in festive pjs - make sure you tune in!

4. My Glossy Box Calendar

Wahhhhh! IT IS HERE! I mean this has to be the poshest advent calendar I've ever got - I mean - look at it! It's loaded with over £340 worth of products. I mean - wow! It retails at £80 but if ou subscribe to glossy box you get it for £70! I mean, it's not cheap by any means, but it's what I chose to buy with my birthday money off ma team mates. So win win - thanks guys!

5. Cinnamon Coffee Body scrub

I went to the Muse Beauty Booking app launch last week and in the goody bag was this Cinnamon Coffee Scrub from The Coffee Scrub Co. I've never tried a coffee scrub so I'm super excited to let you guys know what it's like and if I recommend it as an exfoliating treatment! Have you tried one before? Let me know!

So that's some of my plans for this week's posts. I 100% gonna try to do them on time, if I don't, no judgement haha. And happy Reading!

The best thing about October? It's time to get cosy! And look how cosy I am here:

Pjs - check

Candle - check

Fluffy slippers - check

Stack of good books - check

Autumn flowers - check

Absolute Autumnal bliss! I've had a bit of a mental week with deadlines (I have just finished two fabulous websites with 2 more to go ...) so I have ran behind on my blogging, so here I am at 11pm trying to pull it together. I think if I do 3 tonight and 3 tomorrow I'll have smashed it - I've mad half of them, planned the rest - I just need to polish them up! Plus I have a really fun week of content creation this week so lots to look forward to!

Getting Cosy: Bubble Baths.

Cosiness is of the utmost importance this evening, especially it being Sunday and the weather has been on Autumn point - windy, rainy and dull - perfect. So to get super cosy today, I did the holy grail of cosiness - had a big hot bubble bath. There's nothing nicer than submerging under the bubbles with the rain lapping off the windows, it really set my day up to be filled with comfort! I then walked to the shop to get bits in for a roast, so whatever the wet weather destroyed in terms of total comfort, the gravy and Yorkshires made up for it!

Getting Cosy: Sunday Roasts

I didn't take a pic of my roast I made today, I was too busy scoffing it down - I really needed some veggies today. I've eaten crap since I got back from Sivily so I really need to get back on my eating sensibly / healthy game. Here's a throwback to the best roast I've ever had at Il Forno Liverpool. Watch my experience here.

Getting Cosy: Lots of Coffee

Mmmm it doesn't have to be Autumn for me to enjoy a piping cup of coffee. Creamy oat milk and a double shot: absolute bliss. If I'm being indulgent - a shot of hazelnut syrup. Delicious! I love the Neighbourhood Coffee @ Spitroast, with a cute autumn leaf perfect for an Instagram snap!

Getting Cosy: With Halloween Sweeties

I was back in my old haunt Home Bargains again last week, stocking up on trinkets and face paints for my future Halloween posts ( stay tuned!) and I picked up some spooky lollies. Because, let's be honest, most of us throw out our healthy eating plans this time of year and I am no exception! So after my veggie loaded roast today, I had one of these bad lads. No guilt here. They're only 99p and the White Chocolate ghost lolly was unreal.

Getting Cosy: Autumn Walks

There's nothing nicer than getting in from an Autumn stroll and getting by the fire in cosy pjs that have been on the radiator - ahhhhh bliss! The trees have started to turn and I am so lucky to be by Sefton Park - I have the most beautiful park on my doorstep and I do not neglect the fact! This week I've vowed to start couch to 5k, let's see how much of my park I actually get round!

Currently snuggled on the couch with a blanket feeling super cosy with a Gingerbread candle - I meant what's nicer than being cosy on a Sunday evening when it's raining outside!? How are you getting cosy this Autumn?

When the cold weather kicks in, it can be so easy to reach for those comforting, calorific snacks and before we know it there's 20lbs to lose after Christmas instead of 4 - whoops! One of my fave go-to snacks is falafel; especially homemade sweet potato falafel. They're vegan, delicious hot or cold and always a crowd pleaser. I've been making this recipe for over 2 years now and it's so simple and cheap - you're gonna love it! It makes about 20 falafels probably for under a fiver. I actually took these photos TWO years ago when I was half arsed about my blog and all my photos were then lost when I left my phone in a cab. Then Google Photos happened to me and I logged in recently to find a shedload of footage and content I've created but never used. So here's to some good old recycling of my unseen footage! I feel like a BBC archive.



1 Large Baked Sweet potato - skin removed

1 tin of chickpeas

1 white onion

1 clove of garlic (or 10 - up to you!)

Bunch of fresh coriander

Ground coriander

Ground cumin


Plain Flour


1. Bake your potato if you already haven't. Or throw them in the microwave. Timings depend on the size. I just make it up if I'm being honest. When I can stick a fork in it - it's ready (I didn't say I was Mary Berry!)

2. Drain you're chickpeas. Chop your onion. I do mine rough. It's gonna get blended so don't worry about it being finely chopped. This is a slap dash 'takes a min' recipe'.

3. Chop your coriander up. I use ALL of it - because I love fresh coriander. I used to hate it - thought it tasted like gas. Now it tastes like lovely, fresh, fragrant food! Yum!

4. Go wild with ya garlic. I don't even chop mine - I just peel it. One massive piece or 2 little 'uns. Up to you!

5. Put all that lovely stuff in a bowl.

6. Add your dried spices. I put a teaspoon of each in - do it to suit your taste.

6. Scoop out your sweet potato from it's skin and add that too. Squeeze your lemon in here too. Add salt and pepper if you want.

7. Now we are ready to blitz it!

8. Blitz until slightly smooth - I keep mine quite rustic - I like a cheeky chunk of onion!

10. Now you have a bowl of green mush - stir in 1 table spoon of plain flour.

11. Take 2 teaspoons - scoop a bit of mixture on one and use the other to mould it into a rustic ball onto foil.

12. Your falafels should be taking shape! If you want you can make them bigger - but I like them little to sit and snack on. Once they're in shape, pop them in the fridge for 20 mins to set.

13. Heat your oven on 180 degrees and take your falafels out the fridge. Pop them in the middle of the oven for 15-20 mins.

14. When they're golden brown, take them out and let them cool. Or do what I do and 'taste test' whilst they're piping!

15. Enjoy! Et voila - a big bowl of falafel that lasts about 2 mins once everyone gets wind you've made them! I like to have mine in a pitta with rainbow slaw and hummus - yummmmm!

Happy Autumn Snacking guys!




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