Blogtober Day 1: 10 Reasons Why October Is The Best Month Ever!

October is hands down the BEST month of the year. No arguments: I'm not even gonna listen, because nothing can beat darker nights; crunchy leaves; all the beautiful golds, oranges, reds that blanket the trees; hats, scarves and boot fashion is back bishes; birthdays, Christmas countdowns; cosy nights in; spooky nights out and the unanswered philosophical question of " is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas film or a Halloween one!?" - we'll never know.

Here's my top 10 reasons to kickstart my #Blogtober2020 of why I frickin' love October.

1. It's My Birthday Month

So, I'm biased: sue me! I am one very fabulous October Baby and I just adore my birthday month. The older I get, the longer the celebrations draw out! It was my 30th last year and I think I started celebrating in September at Centre Parcs, followed by a Mexico trip coming to a crescendo in January with a trip to Wales you can read all about here.

Tonight, I'm up super late after an afternoon nap because I'm starting my birthday celebrations in Sicily, with a second surprise trip somewhere else mid October; followed by an evening at the theatre to see Amelie. I don't think I can draw out 31 as mush as turning 30, but a girl can try! Needless to say, October is super fun and super busy for me. And I love being both those things: fun and busy!

2. I'm Going on Holiday

September / October holidays are totally lush. The weather is turning in the UK and we're just not quite ready for every day to be super wet, dark and miserable are we? Plus flights most places are super cheap! I got my flights to Sicily for about £60 return with Easy Jet -bargain! I go away most Octobers, I'm not a huge fan of the heat, so 24 degrees, a bit of calm wind and plenty of wine always beckon me across to Europe. I'm not fussy where!

3. It's Hot Chocolate Season

Every blogger loves taking a photo of their coffee / hot chocolate don't we!? I mean, it's just an inert skill in all of us haha! I've been practicing my flat lay photography and watching all the YouTube videos on photography and composition to really start getting a fab, coherent theme on my Instagram, I'm deffo super proud of it atm. What do you think? Check my @CantBuyYouStyle Instagram.

4. Autumn Make Up Vibes Have Arrived

Check out this fiery eye make up by Illamasqua, Selfridges, Trafford Centre. I had a ball trying their new Loaded Lip Polish range with my fellow Liverpool Blogger Danielle Levy. Want to see how fab our day out was? Check my video here.

5. It's Libra Season

If you know a Libran - what a lucky devil you are. We are so super fabulous, fair, diplomatic and totally in love with beautiful things! I love being a Libran, and I'm still a sucker for my horoscope. Gotta look to the stars for inspiration if you're feeling stuck don't'cha. I found this fab Libra cup at Home Bargains for £1.99. Good luck finding your Star Sign if you do go grab one - we all know the score when it comes to letters of your name and star signs in bargain shops! I you manage to bag one, it must be written in the stars!

6. Everything Can Now Come With Gravy

I grew up in the North East, gravy is like my water. If I could be arsed, I'd eat a roast everyday: it's hands down the best meal ever. I mean, just look at this fully loaded Sunday Roast from Il Forno on Duke St. Liverpool. Wow - it was incredible. Blog post on the way, but check the highlights of my foodie adventure here.

7. It's Halloween Time!

I have had so much fun picking up bits and bobs for Halloween and Autumn inspired posts. So much so that I've committed to doing Blogtober. It's currently 1.55am on Saturday 28th September and I'm flying to Sicily at 4am so, to commit to my cause, I'm pencilling this post to schedule for the 1st October. That's unshakeable determination. I hope you guys enjoy reading my Blogtober posts! I arrive back home on the 2nd, and I've set time aside each day to get them whipped up. I don't want to schedule too many posts mainly because I like to live in the moment and it's so exciting when . you hit 'publish' and them share your link on all your social media platforms! Plus I really wanna start focusing on Pinterest too, which means another job, but if i'm in the moment it's not a chore! Do you use Pinterest? Check me out here.

8. Red Lipstick Is Back

I find it hard wearing red lips in Summer: I usually go for more of a coral or orange, it seems less harsh. Now, if i go out without my red lips on I feel naked - or people thing I'm ill. No people, I'm not ill, I just wanted to wear a nude lippy! I've been loving this Bourjois Rouge Velvet lips. Matte finish, satin touch, lasts all day. Picked mine up at Boot for a few quid. Including matching lip liner. It's now a staple in my make up bag!

9. It's Officially Autumn

Hello crunchy, colourful leaves: I missed you! I'm so fortunate to live by Sefton Park in Liverpool. Surrounded by trees; super strength oxygen here I come! I go for a walk round the park 3-5 times a week so I get to see it's transformation from lush Summer foliage to a rainbow of autumnal shades that is absolutely picture perfect! I've pencilled in a winter walk Blogtober post, so stay tuned to see how beautiful my park looks!

10. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are BACK!

Not gonna lie, this one here in this pic was my very first one. Ever. Told you I was taking blogging seriously. Not true blogger can function without being a staunch evangelist of the PSL from Starbucks! It was absolutely fabulous, had mine with Soya milk. Lit tastes like Autumn now! Gonna try and replicate it for one of my Blogtober posts - recipe post at the ready! Stay tuned folks!

So there you have it, my 10 reasons why October is utterly amazing and hands down the best month! How are you spending your October? If you're a blogger doing Blogtober, let me know and post your link below so I can live through your October life too!