Blogtober Day 4: It's Libra Season! 5 Reasons Why You're Super Lucky To Have a Libran In Your Life

First off, apologies I'm a day late - having a mare of a week; I crashed and burned yesterday. Then had a lazy day today so it's 8.30pm and I've rekindled my commitment and drive - so here's Blogtober Day 4 - and how lucky you are if you know a fellow Libran - 'cause we're friction' awesome guys!

It's our month and we are The Scales - think balance, poise, fairness and totally indulgent creatures, who love to the nth and adore their Autumn birthdays! Well, at least I do! We're the only sign not represented by an animal or human, we're 7th in the zodiac, and some astrologers argue we're the most desirable sign to be - how fabulous. I won the astrology jackpot! Here's why Librans are the best people to have in your life!

1. Librans LOVE Travelling

Need a holiday pal? Hook a girl up, I'm already booking the flight! I lit spend my spare time (when I'm not blogging, building a business or having my hair blown) looking at flights, villas, destinations and reading about all my bucket list travel destinations - future blog post right there ey! I've just got back from Sicily ... cue holiday snap:

It was a beautiful island; lovely people, food, wine and it was super warm - yay! Flights were £60, villa was £240 for 4 nights ... my perfect cheap getaway! Next stop: London with ma Momma to see Harry Potter. Can't. Wait!

2. Librans are SUPER Optimistic

Ever seen me look sad? Nah, me either. Don't have time to frown (plus I can't since the botox ... ) which doesn't mean I don't get sad, or pissed when things don't go the way I planned, it just means I try look on the bright side. Or fix what isn't working for me. I am ALL about action behind intention - I could be apathetic and allow things to unfold - that's not my style. I get shit done. And I do it my way. Which usually starts with a to do list! Optimism is 100% a state of mind, cup half empty mate? Room for moreeeee! Fill me up!

3. Librans Are Warm Hearted

You need someone warm hearted in your life with the sudden onset of bitter weather ... brrr it's cold tonight! And that's just what a Libra is - warm hearted. We LOVE to help and spread the love. I do my bit by helping amazing business women boss their social media and websites. I literally LOVE to help them by teaching them new skills online, or showing them amazing ways of being more effective in their marketing and social media schedules. My goal with Beauty of Business (that's ma biz BTW, be warm hearted and go like my Instagram and support local businesses!) is to help people save money - or make it. All whilst ensuring the aesthetic is on point. That's why it's called 'Beauty of Business' - I make your business look beautiful online. Shameless plug, not arsed. My blog: my rules haha! PS my next Instagram Workshop is .... too much? Nah. Click Here!

4. Librans Get Bored Easily

This isn't a bad thing per say - it just means you must be super fun! I do loathe being bored or having nothing productive to do. I'm always on the hunt for events or happenings that are local to me. A) To get me out and about and those 10k steps hit but also B) When you occupy your mind, you fuel your creativity. You never know what ideas you might get when you're being mentally stimulated. Like here, where I'm obviously planning to take over the world. Always! I feel totally bored today, which is my own fault. I didn't leave the house and moped around. So tomorrow I have vowed to rise early, jump a shower, go get my hair done, whip out my new cape, go do my Autumn Walk pics which I should have done today, but I didn't so now I've buggered my Blogtober schedule and have to rejig it for Day 5's content, which I still need to write .... sounds heavy. But not boring!

5. Librans Are Creative

Clearly a genius ... in response to that question! Librans are super creative, and we all channel it differently. I mean, I did dabble in Art at A Level, but they were all about quantity over quality and I'm more of a Da'Vinci speed painter (10 years + kinda gal) so now I make art through photography, videos and graphic design: and I bloody love it. I'm still working on my techniques and styles; I want to be better every day and I continually practice, put together projects and execute them whilst always signing up to new courses! Next course: photo editing at the end of October. Can't wait!

So there you have it guys, why Librans are amazing! A small homage to my star sign and some of the best qualities we possess.

On to Blogtober Day 5: about to wing this one ... wish me luck!