Blogtober Day 6: My £16 Shein Autumn Cape

First leaf of Autumn coming 'atcha! So I wanna talk to you about my very first Shein experience - because, I now we've all been 'Wish'-ed and I had the same vibes from Shein, but I really wanted a cape. I usually get one every year from Miss Selfridges - they're perfect for a moveable, jumper wearing winter chic look, however, Miss Selfridges don't seem to be rocking them atm, so I went on an internet hunt. And I found this one from Shein. And it was only £16 so I did have my suspicions ....

It's perfect though! I can move my arms, you can't see them here, but there's big brass buttons and one fastens at the neck. With two slits for your arms - absolute autumn comfort and style. I just love it!

I was meaning to take it out last week for a photo sash, but the weather was rubbish. It was still wet today so I thought 'sod it' grabbed the brolly and took my fabulous Shein cape out for a wet, Autumn walk. Here's a cheeky behind the scenes too! Yeah, I have no shame. For the 'gram bitches!

If you fancy donning an effortlessly chic cape this Autumn, here's the link:

I got the size L in black. (I'm a size 14 if that help gage your size).

Bought anything off Shein lately? Anything I need to know about? Let me know! Happy shopping cape-rs!