Blogtober Day 7: My Birthday Post!

Happy birthday to meeeeee! A whole 31 years young - my how time flies when you're getting older! I had a super a birthday - it wasn't quite as milked as the 30th; it was quiet and chilled and I had time to lit have a birthday photoshoot - because I am that cool! I even made a cute stop motion - check it out here.

Apart from cake for breakfast, I didn't do too shabby on the card and prezzie front - thanks guys!

I spent the day responding to good tidings on Facebook in the guise of GIFs! So let's see what I got (apart from a little fatter - whoops!)

YAAAAAASSSSS QUEEN! The card that was made for me, Liam knows me so well. Because I'm a Queen; you're a Queen; we are all a Queen! Cheers to ma birthday Lizzie.

Never a truer word said! This was from my cute comrades at White Haus Hair & Beauty (the reason why my hair is so frickin' fabulous) - we do a birthday club so we all end up with a chunk of cash for our birthdays. Haven't decided what I'm treating myself to yet ... maybe some gas and lecky (I'm old ok - essentials make me happy!).

Another cutie from me fella's ma - thanks Jackie! I do try and if all else fails, Snapchat's got me covered! Currently sporting a topknot and half a face of make up after a website sesh - almost finished my 'To Do' list, I can't wait, the end is in sight and then I can go on another new client spree! Who needs a website!? Hit me up - and check out my work here.

Who loves Metquarter flowers!? I DO! YOU DO! WE ALL DO! Aren't they fab! With glitter, diamonds and a cute box - these guys have filled my day with sweet scents and smiles. I love flowers, I actually went and bought myself some on Sunday too - just Tesco ones but flowers are flowers: they're like chocolates - you can never have too many! Thank you Liam for spoiling meeeeeeee.

How CUTE is my sister getting me this personalised diary!? I LOVE it! Diaries are my lit fave thing ever; with 'to do' note books a close second. I would not be able to run my life without my diary, I offload in it, write everything I need to do in there and eventually it gets done! It's such a driving force behind my productivity levels. Speaking of which, remind me to do my tax - I keep putting that little bitch off and it's looming now! Thanks Toni - I love my new diary!

What's in the bag!? Well, we know it's Jack Wills ....

It's only the fabulous gilet I've wanted for a million years - omg how did you know Liam!? (#brokenrecord over here ...). For me Gilets and Capes are the ultimate fashion pieces for winter, because .... jumpers. I mean, if you're not a skinny Minnie then jumpers + coats can mean serious Michelin Man vibes - not a good look for anyone - especially me! And I like to move my arms - capes and gilets = moveable arms! Absolutely genius. Just chop the arms off a coat et voila - gilet!

So there ya go - even when you're old you still get presents. Which I'm glad because I love presents and if no one got me them I'd just buy my own and wrap them up. I'm clever like that .... gratitude in abundance and very pleased with myself! I'm an odd age number now though, and that's just weird!

Did you get anything lovely for your birthday this year? Any October babies in the house who wanna share the spoils!? I'd love to hear how you've been spoilt this year!