Blogtober Day 9: 5 Ways I'm Staying Cosy This Autumn

The best thing about October? It's time to get cosy! And look how cosy I am here:

Pjs - check

Candle - check

Fluffy slippers - check

Stack of good books - check

Autumn flowers - check

Absolute Autumnal bliss! I've had a bit of a mental week with deadlines (I have just finished two fabulous websites with 2 more to go ...) so I have ran behind on my blogging, so here I am at 11pm trying to pull it together. I think if I do 3 tonight and 3 tomorrow I'll have smashed it - I've mad half of them, planned the rest - I just need to polish them up! Plus I have a really fun week of content creation this week so lots to look forward to!

Getting Cosy: Bubble Baths.

Cosiness is of the utmost importance this evening, especially it being Sunday and the weather has been on Autumn point - windy, rainy and dull - perfect. So to get super cosy today, I did the holy grail of cosiness - had a big hot bubble bath. There's nothing nicer than submerging under the bubbles with the rain lapping off the windows, it really set my day up to be filled with comfort! I then walked to the shop to get bits in for a roast, so whatever the wet weather destroyed in terms of total comfort, the gravy and Yorkshires made up for it!

Getting Cosy: Sunday Roasts

I didn't take a pic of my roast I made today, I was too busy scoffing it down - I really needed some veggies today. I've eaten crap since I got back from Sivily so I really need to get back on my eating sensibly / healthy game. Here's a throwback to the best roast I've ever had at Il Forno Liverpool. Watch my experience here.

Getting Cosy: Lots of Coffee

Mmmm it doesn't have to be Autumn for me to enjoy a piping cup of coffee. Creamy oat milk and a double shot: absolute bliss. If I'm being indulgent - a shot of hazelnut syrup. Delicious! I love the Neighbourhood Coffee @ Spitroast, with a cute autumn leaf perfect for an Instagram snap!

Getting Cosy: With Halloween Sweeties

I was back in my old haunt Home Bargains again last week, stocking up on trinkets and face paints for my future Halloween posts ( stay tuned!) and I picked up some spooky lollies. Because, let's be honest, most of us throw out our healthy eating plans this time of year and I am no exception! So after my veggie loaded roast today, I had one of these bad lads. No guilt here. They're only 99p and the White Chocolate ghost lolly was unreal.

Getting Cosy: Autumn Walks

There's nothing nicer than getting in from an Autumn stroll and getting by the fire in cosy pjs that have been on the radiator - ahhhhh bliss! The trees have started to turn and I am so lucky to be by Sefton Park - I have the most beautiful park on my doorstep and I do not neglect the fact! This week I've vowed to start couch to 5k, let's see how much of my park I actually get round!

Currently snuggled on the couch with a blanket feeling super cosy with a Gingerbread candle - I meant what's nicer than being cosy on a Sunday evening when it's raining outside!? How are you getting cosy this Autumn?