Can't Buy You Style: The 30s Edition

Many things happen when you turn 30: it's a transitional age, from the flighty twenties into serious, adulting adulthood, intact it's a blog post all in itself that is on its way, before we get to that though: how fab is my blog makeover? Chic right? I knew you'd love it!

Albeit 30, I'm such a child at heart and I've decided to own my Peter Pan syndrome; continue to jump into and crunch the autumn leaves underfoot; eat (quorn) chicken nuggets with LOADS of beans pored over any form of processed potato treat and, much to the dismay of my mother, have the odd sibling squabble over social media. Ah, to be young!

I have graced this fine earth for 10 950 days plus a little longer now we're well past my birthday month (I managed to milk it into 3 if I'm honest) and each day has been a marvellous lesson of growth, education and insight: I absolutely LOVE being 30! Even looking over my blog, which is now 5 years old, as much as I love the fabulous script font with jazzy pink colours and all the pastels one could muster, it was time for a big fat grown up 30th milestone makeover! And here it is. Still with the undercurrent of greys and pinks that I will always choose as my primary blog brand palette, it's just that little more polished and chic to match my new found 30 year old mindset.

I've not quite figured out how to transfer over my old posts, however I have a shiny chic platform to embark on my favourite pastime that's been the driving force behind my education and career. So here's to Can't Buy You Style, celebrating 30 years of my life and 5 years of her's.

Happy Reading Folks!