Shopping Sustainably with Aintree Shopping Park at Marks & Spencers

Updated: Sep 20, 2019


Today was the day. Yes, finally, after seven whole years of ardent blogging, I've finally made it! Welcome to my very first PAID blogger collaboration! I was paid for my time and expenses (which was basically a Nando's because it's compulsory every time you go to a shopping park, is it not!?) so though this was a gifted post, it's still from my perspective and we're looking at sustainable fashion. We're heading to Aintree Shopping Park for a trip around Marks & Spencers to take a look at their Sustainable Fashion ranges - how exciting!


So we all LOVE a good fashion haul right? Asos is my fave online shop; my younger sister loves PLT; my mates swear by BooHoo. And don't get me wrong, when you need an outfit, you can buy it at 10.30pm on the couch and you're savvy so you paid for a year's worth of next day delivery, and it turns up the next day. It is SO convenient! The problem is: it doesn't fit. So it gets launched into the back of the wardrobe. Or worse, you return it - double carbon emissions here you come!



Our consumer behaviour has negative impact on our environment. All this fast fashion is 100% topical right now. I read somewhere the other day that the negative environmental impact of fast fashion includes water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and growing levels of textile waste. Approximately 60% of the clothing we wear consists of synthetic fibers made from plastic including acrylic, nylon, and polyester and each time we wash synthetic clothes up to 700,000 fibres can be shed. These micro plastics are released into our water system and find their way into the oceans affecting our marine life, their ecosystem and ultimately the planet overall. So the straw ban is a start but our reliance on plastics overall is deeply rooted in our society and culture, we have some major work to do. And I believe it starts with education and awareness. Here's an amazing article in Vox that looks that the problem of clothes polluting the ocean:


I try to make small changes in my life to do my part. I do not whinge about plastics straws, I do eco washes at 20 degrees, I walk or use public transport, my energy provider is 100% green & renewable and I drink non-dairy milk. Remember Disney morals:



So today it was my education on how fashion can be sustainable. With a trip to Aintree Shopping Park to have a browse around the Marks & Spencers Sustainable Collections. It's YELLOW day! I am the sunshine today as it's super overcast and I am sick of waiting for my Vitamin D so I took the tablet form and put my lippy on: it's time for a trip to Aintree Shopping Park queens! Go Follow my ENTIRE experience on my Instagram Story (I will make a highlight and be doing a IGTV in a bit, so if you miss out (it's a cracker) you can capture it there!)

100% of the cotton used in Marks & Spencer clothing is sustainably sourced. And always will be. Why? Here are Marks & Spencers reasons why:


This took me to the t-shirt collection, because at heart I am a leggings + t-shirt + blazer/cardy/hoody kinda gal. Especially now I have middle aged spread and I love cake more than I love dieting so, give a fcuk! Here it is, the Marks & Spencers sustainable Cotton Tee section at Aintree Shopping Park and in true 'yellow day' form, I found some colour to inject into our lives!


Obviously it's holiday season, so the array of cotton t-shirts was on top form, and who doesn't love a good slogan tee, right!? I picked out a few faves and literally had a fashion show for you guys. I actually HATE trying on clothes (I'm an online shopper remember). Especially when the sizing EVERYWHERE is so bloody mental. Here we have a range of size 14 - size 20 because I don't look at labels, I look at the fit! We are not jam jars ladies!

Totally vining off the first slogan, right!? The selection of material of all the t-shirts was either sustainably sourced cotton or made with recycled polyester - winning on the eco front M&S. And we all know I love pink, even though it was 'yellow day' today, I couldn't help my pink moth to the pink flame tendencies.


We still ran into some sizing issues but when don't we!? I am on day 1 keto diet so .... WHY AM I NOT SKINNY YET!? Let's take a watch ey ...

However the rest of the session was super fun. I tried on all the super soft susntaible cotton tees I liked, and made you a quick vid of my sustainable summer tshirt modelling sesh! CUE THE FASHION SHOW:

Working on my editing skills guys - because we all know video trumps pics! I haven't edited any of the pictures per say, so you get an actual feel for how dull the weather is and how bright my blazer is (some were taken on Snapchat with that airbrush filter though - we all need some help - no judgement here.)


TADAH! Fashion show complete. The material was super lovely, I preferred the recycled polyester if I'm honest as it was more fluid and hung nicer - the cotton (last t-shirt) was lovely but it was a little rigid for my liking, it would need wearing in first - probably end up earring it for bed for a week before taking it out-out!


Thank you for the opportunity to go have a browse around your fab Marks & Spencers, Aintree Shopping Park. Time to end the trip with a cheeky Nando's. Thanks for reading guys, remember, small, honest, considered choices can make big differences to our environment over time. What habit will you change that will make a HUGE impact on the environment?