Slimming World: Week 2

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Smashed week 1 with a 2lb loss which fuelled an excellent week 2. Fully in the swing of Syns, HEA and HEB, getting over my fear of potatoes and sugar in fruit: I had the BEST week. An adventurous food shop which lead to veggie steaks, pasta salads, curries, pizzas, fake veggie McMuffins - I have never eaten so much delicious food and had room for a gin plus losing weight at the same time - I mean, it's the dream! I upped my 'Body Magic' the second week, aiming for a daily walk, which I love anyway living near Sefton Park in Liverpool - nothing like nature to nurture the soul! And also concentrated on drinking more water. My hard work certainly paid off - I mean look at my fab tea!

Week 2 was super special - I ACHIEVED SLIMMER OF THE WEEK!

With a MASSIVE 3lb weightloss - and I'd had a very bad start to the week where I chugged a load of Soya Chocolate Milk because I felt a bit down in the dumps (deffo weather related - where you at Summer!?)

I started off poor and finished STRONG! So happy was I with my weightloss that week I treated myself to a delicious vegan iced coffee (FREE HEA) from Hafla Hafla on Lark Lane

and my 'go to' cheat which is only half a Syns - the fakeaway veggie sausage egg McMuffin



Quorn Sausage Patty - 1/2 syn

Frylight fried egg - FREE

Passata - FREE

Warburtons Thin - HEB

An amazing second week - absolutely buzzing with progress and the first certificate I've had in agesssss!

Stay tuned for next week's Slimming World instalment!