Outfit Of The Day: The Staff Christmas Party

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

For me, Winter is all about being cosy before ever being chic. As soon as Winter hits I'm about the Hygge: wooly jumpers, extra thick tights and those super cosy leggings from Primark - get in my basket! I've even treated myself to a fur bag this year because, even in Winter you still need to be a little extra.

Christmas party countdown mode, and the word around White Haus was:

"What are you wearing for the Christmas party!?"

30 year old me response: "A coat." - I am not freezing for anyone!

Jesting aside, it's all about those cosy fabrics and nothing embodies Christmas Chic more than velvet. As a proud wearer of black, always channeling my inner AHS Coven, I decided to shake it up this year and go for a gorgeous little green number in the spirit of all things Christmas.

I'm usually a die hard Asos.com fan, however, after hitting up my Wishlist it appeared everything I'd put in in the run down to the party was out of stock. FML. So being very particular about cut (skater dress, always); arm length (long sleeve to hide the ham arms) and length (petite bitches know the struggle) I headed over to Boohoo.com to see what was going on over there: and dude, velvet heaven ensued!

Here's my LGVD (little green velvet dress) that's also getting used on Christmas Day, how fabulous, frivolity is the way forward!

Sadly, it's no longer available in the Green, however, if you love channeling your inner Henry VIII like me and love the cut, you can grab it in black here: https://www.boohoo.com/velvet-double-puff-sleeve-skater-dress/DZZ05576-125-24.html. There's also 25% off Boohoo.com as well so if anything else slips into that basket, I will be no judge!

Needless to say, I was warm, festive and chic all evening and now I just need to go buy a lint roller as #velvetprobs - this fabric loves to pick up fluff. The things you do for fashion.

What have you decided to wear for this year's party? I'd love to hear of your fab bargain buys!